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If you’re non-profit or charity organisation is looking for someone to take your online marketing and web design to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Online marketing and web design isn’t just for businesses anymore.

Non-profit organizations need to advance their causes and gain funding to support their mission. Both are difficult to do when the organization has no website or a poorly designed website and no marketing to push awareness. That is where we come in. From branding and website design and development to online event marketing and creative services, Marketing Mood offers non-profits and charities the tools they need to get their organization established online and maximize the use of the digital world to push awareness of the cause and maximize fundraising. Better yet, we won’t charge you and arm and a leg to do so and in some cases we are happy to provide Pro Bono work for some non-profits.

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Our approach to digital marketing and web design for nonprofits is tailored based on your goals and your budget. We can help you to advertise your aid or help to the needy people or else if you are looking for anything apart from this we can help you to reach your goal with the help of digital marketing.

You have chosen to implement a digital marketing campaign for non-profits. Now you need a plan. We will help you develop one that is efficient and effective. Your custom plan will feature the essentials and specifics of your organisation’s growth strategy while maintaining and promoting its vision.


Revenue Growth

A giving hash tag is basically free marketing, right? But just because something is free doesn’t mean it is valuable. A giving hash tag can be a positive way to create community and interest around a cause, but these tend to work best when paired with a specific giving challenge.

Overstretched Budget

Many nonprofits feel overstretched budget-wise when it comes to maintaining a fully-staffed communications team, so many rely on freelance writers, editors and designers to help them develop content. Higher education institutions tap their alumni to make connections with each other, generating content to draw more alumni into donating to their alma mater.

How an organisation gets their content done still relies on integral institutional steps to understand their audiences and tell their most authentic stories.

Current trends around data analysis provide more considerations for nonprofits and universities in developing their communications plan, challenging When you treat social like a direct response medium and coordinate digital activity with direct mail and telemarketing, you’ll get results. As experts with a long track record in digital marketing for nonprofits and a bird’s-eye view of your organization, we’ll help you get there to tailor their message to specific donors in a more personalized way. Certainly, content managers might want to think about new strategies among best practices.

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