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Generating Leads by Paid Marketing

Whether it’s drawing individual consumers to a website to buy a product or convincing a decision-maker at another organisation to enter into a contract for services, pay-per-click has a major influence. This form of marketing plays a crucial role in a world where purchasing decisions are increasingly driven by online searches, attracting potential customers through a model that targets potentially relevant audiences and only requires payment when a possible customer takes the next step and expresses interest.
What We Do

As the leading branding and advertising agency, we work hard to ensure that your brand stands out from the rest.

Analysis & Restructuring

If you are currently conducting PPC campaigns, our skilled professionals can analyse your current campaigns and make it more effective. They are adept at restructuring and analysing existing campaigns to ensure your PPC strategy runs at an optimum level. In PPC the most important thing to keep in mind is keywords to make a bid on it which should be in that manner so budget can’t get wasted for this many measures are involve to run PPC campaigns to get prominent results for the website.

Competitor Analysis

Our experts are capable of carrying out in-depth competitor analysis, so you know exactly what they are doing in regards to PPC campaigns. Here at Frank Whyte, we can find out what keywords your competitors are utilising and which have higher budgets. This is very important to understand to get a better idaea in utilising the keywords idaea to run the advertisement which can help to manage the budget as in the competitor does for PPC we analyse the set keywords and get the range of higher bid which is used to target certain area in the ads.

Keyword Selection

Are the right keywords being targeted and utilised in your paid search attempts? To ensure the right customers view your content, at the right time through market analysis is vital. We at Frank Whyte can do the hard work for you. The most important thing which we keep in our mind is keyword selection which gives fulfilment to your advertisement we search for the keyword and bid according to it searches and range of bid which is available, we make sure to give a lead in cost-effective budget with a higher ratio of leads to make work easy and accessible.

Optimised Landing Pages

Your landing pages need to be relevant, informative, clear and of the highest quality in order to ensure that your visitors convert once they land on your page. Our experts can design and build optimised landing pages to ensure conversion. The landing pages should have pointed to point appropriate information related to keywords which should be user friendly so that user can information related to the niche or their search what they are looking for, the most effective part of landing pages is more creative and information with required content not like putting everything on the same page that might confuse the user to read.

Engaging Ad Text

How do you ensure customers are engaging and clicking on your ads despite targeting the right keywords? We’re able to develop engaging ad texts in order to obtain qualified leads at every stage. We create Ad text according to the keyword search which should be shown to the customer in the title or description below the website address so that they can click on it and reach to the related search they are looking for which can solve their issue and they might reach to the right place this can make the customer more trusted and easy to reach the website by advertisement.

Results & Analysis

Want to know your ROI? How your campaigns are performing? We believe that transparent monthly reporting and analytics should give you an insight into exactly where every penny is going to ensure you’re always in control. With just a simple drag and drop of a widget, you can view your entire Click Performance Report with detailed analysis. Furthermore, it facilitates various options like Dimensions and Segmentation to isolate high volume search queries to eliminate the “noise” of analysing too many variables at once by giving you insights into trends that your competitors may not see.
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