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PPC campaigns can bring you to the top of Google or Bing within 30 minutes. All PPC campaigns provide results immediately, giving you control over every aspect of your campaign from, which advert to be shown to the budget. However with the landscape of Paid Search is increasingly becoming competitive, resulting in higher costs per click. How then do you compete? Join the adept team here at Frank Whyte and start attracting customers to your business.

Our Google AdWords experts, Google Ads Professionals and Bing accredited individuals based in Blackburn, Manchester and Preston are well versed in working in some of the most challenging sectors/industries, By utilizing advanced technologies to achieve campaign success at all times, Frank Whyte will always be sure to attract potential customers t your business. If you’re looking for results, turn to Frank Whyte Marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Frank Whyte

As a leading PPC agency in London, Preston and Blackburn, our pay per click account management specialists practically live and breathe PPC. Your goals are the center focus of everything we do - our PPC consultants can help to increase your conversions and improve your return on investment, while reducing your marketing spend.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Frank Whyte

Analysis & Restructuring

If you are currently conducting PPC campaigns, our skilled professionals can analyses your current campaigns and make it more effective. They are adept at restructuring and analyzing existing campaigns to ensure your PPC strategy runs at an optimum level.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Frank Whyte

Keyword Selection

Are the right keywords being targeted and utilized in your paid search attempts? To ensure the right customers view your content, at the right time through market analysis is vital. We at Frank Whyte can do the hard work for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Frank Whyte

Engaging Ad Text

How do you ensure customers are engaging and clicking on your ads despite targeting the right keywords? We're able to develop engaging ad texts in order to obtain qualified leads at every stage.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Frank Whyte

Competitor Analysis

Our experts are capable carrying out in depth competitor analysis, so you know exactly what they are doing in regards to PPC campaigns. Here at Frank Whyte we can find out what keywords your competitors are utilizing and which have higher budgets.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Frank Whyte

Optimised Landing Pages

Your landing pages need to be relevant, clear and of the highest quality in order to ensure that your visitors convert once they land on your page. Our experts can design and build optimized landing pages to ensure conversion.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Frank Whyte

Results & Analysis

Want to know your ROI? How your campaigns are performing? We believe that transparent monthly reporting and analytics should give you an insight into exactly where every penny is going to ensure you’re always in control.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing IN LONDON

Pay Per Click (PPC) gives way to instant targeted traffic. Setting up a dependable and measurable campaign is key to PPC success.

Drive the right traffic with PPC​​

PPC advertising potentially attracts highly relevant visitors to your website, helping you to generate more leads and boost sales.

Achieving a profitable marketing campaign can be difficult, requiring you to manage the cost of clicks and keyword targeting, although decreasing your overall spend.

 When competition is aggressive, and you have to stay ahead of your competitors, an experienced PPC management agency is the solution.

PPC Management – more profitable campaigns for individual and business

At Frank Whyte, our best PPC management techniques can help you target only the type of visitors you want, presenting them with appealing messaging during their online journey. By keeping a record of every aspect of your marketing campaign, we refine the messaging and optimise crucial elements to your improve ROI.

PPC Services in Lancashire

From understanding your brand’ USPs to creating relevant advertisements and landing pages, our paid search experts here at Frank Whyte can provide:


We use different keyword research tools to find the best keywords to bid on to make sure your campaign drives the relevant traffic and generates positive ROI. Our PPC experts will also make unique audience targeting lists based on factors like demographics, interests, and location.


We will test automated bidding strategies across your existing and new campaigns on Google Ads and Bing to help you in maximizing your return and efficiently achieve your desired goals. The main strategies we can utilize are:

  • Target ROAS
  • Target CPA
  • Maximise clicks
  • Maximise conversions


Having a poorly structured Google Ads account not only affects your cost per click and quality score, but it similarly makes it difficult for people to work across the account. We can set up your very first Google Ads campaign, handle your existing account and manage daily bids, general tasks, and budget.


Diversity is key when it comes to ad creation, so we will always make sure that there is a mix of advertisements in each group. We recognize key opportunities and craft winning ad copy that will attract your target audience.


Our design and development specialists create, test and optimise landing pages that will capture web traffic to drive leads and conversions successfully.


PPC advertising is basically all about testing and fine-tuning your marketing campaigns. These tests can include match types, adding new keywords, audiences, locations, and more.


We offer detailed, comprehensive, and fully customisable reports that keep you up-to-date with the development and results of your PPC campaigns.

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