Reaping the Benefits Content Marketing Has To Offer


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The 21st century is marked by a rapid increase in globalization that’s advanced more than the perceived capacity due to the application and the frequent use of the internet. The internet in itself is more or less of a world of its own.

Globalization is the term that encompasses links created between the masses that were once limited to tedious and cumbersome means. Today, the world is only a click away!

How Has The Internet Favored Industries:

Consumers need products, and companies need consumers – this bidirectional relationship has been an age-old one and has been known to benefit both parties involved. However, the catalyst in this relationship is marketing.

To understand marketing, think of it as a means of selection. For example, you know you want a particular hair spray that has some desired qualities. Now, which one would you buy from the hundreds of options available?

To make the decision simpler for yourself, you’ll go online and look at various products. In an ideal world, you would’ve been able to select from these products by trying them out one by one. Since we’re not living in that world, you’d have to make good of facts and testimonials – you would have to make good of the company’s marketing strategies.

A World Of Its Own:

To understand how content marketing is fruitful, you would have to recall the basics of it and further establish the difference between this particular variant of marketing and others.

Content marketing is a form of marketing that is much more focused on the distribution and publication of content for an online targeted audience. By attracting prospective clients, content marketing can expand a company’s consumer base and subsequently generate more fabulous online sales.

Additionally, it goes without a saying that brand awareness and engagement are also markedly increased. This is a form of marketing that does not involve direct sales and instead builds a rapport with the consumer base.

Hence, instead of creating demands for new needs, content marketing meets the needs of an existing customer (information, or otherwise).

Producing Valuable Content:

The fact of the matter is that ideas are not unique to any one company. There are many instances whereby a design is morphed in a few different forms by different companies. Hence, the same idea can be used in several ways. However, the key to succeeding in any competitive industry is to stay unique.

Thus, it goes without saying that when it comes to creating content, you as a company owner should aim towards creating content that’s better than the next guy. Content standards are becoming increasingly stricter, and people have started becoming pickier than ever.

However, several methodologies and strategies have to be employed by online marketing agencies to make sure that the content that they’re pushing is of the mere 25% that makes it to a social share.

You read that right – approximately 75% of all content published never sees an outside link. This makes up for thousands and millions of publications that all go in vain, providing no benefits to the company.

Agencies employ staff trained specially for SEO purposes, which is search engine optimization. Think of it like this, when you were searching for an article on content writing through a generic search engine, all you did was type in a few keywords.

The search engine, in turn, presented the most compatible links with that search engine – and here you are!

Without substantial value, you’re just wasting time. Whether you’re pushing out content daily or only a few times a month, superior quality and actionable takeaways need to be present.

It Only Goes Up From Here:

Did you know that on average, a brand is known to spend 15% of their marketing budget on content creation? This is a testimony to the fact that content is essentially turning into the backbone of the marketing world – specifically the online marketing world.

This is attributed to the fact that there is widespread adoption of and ROI from content marketing than any other variant of online marketing. This, budgets are growing as a business continues to invest in video streaming, blogging, podcasting, and so much more!

Frank Whyte – Digital Marketing You Can Trust:

If you’ve stumbled onto content marketing and are interested in hiring a company to fulfill your online marketing goals – look no further than Frank Whyte.

At Frank Whyte, we’re a digital marketing company offering quality content marketing services all over the United Kingdom. We take great pride in being recognized as a leading content marketing agency in the UK.


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