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There are many misconceptions which assume branding and marketing are the same, whereas in fact they are two seperate entities which we will distinguish below;

Marketing is a product or service developed as a solution to serve it’s end user which is then promoted to shed light of its existence on the targeted audience.

Branding on the other hand is not just a badge/logo, name or colour; this makes up a tiny fragment of branding. In fact branding defines the purpose of what your brand stands for, it identifies your target audience and shows consumers why your brand is better than any other.

At Frank Whyte, we understand it is fundamental in how your brand is portrayed. Our team of experts have studied and broken this down in to the various areas branching out. With this knowledge their proficiency exploits key constituents which make up branding for them to then work their magic on!

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Everyday we see subconciously see brands/businesses promoted in some way or another. Our promotional merchandise not only looks great, it serves a subconcious purpose by marketing and creating awareness about your brand. Best of all, it’s cheap and the more merchandise given the more potential awareness!

These can be gifts or merchandise given out with every sale/service provided. An excellent strategy to reach deeper into your network.

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